Freddie’s Little Mermaid Inspired Portrait Session

When Freddie approached us here at Khandie Photography with her idea for this shoot, our Northampton studio was buzzing with excitement. Cue hand painted backdrops, netting, lobsters and sea weights being brought in to make the set look that little bit more awesome. Pinup elements with a heavy dash of burlesque added to the heady…

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Night Photo Shoot on Felixstowe Beach Pt 2

You have have seen our part 1 of our night photo shoot at Felixstowe already. If not, you best go check out it out in all its awesome technicolour wonder!   So here is the long awaited (well a few days in between ha) for the second shoot we did there. I dont have to repeat…

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Night Photo Shoot on Felixstowe Beach pt 1

So this is a series…of two shoots on the awesome (dont tell me different) Felixstowe beach with localish darlings. First up is the awesome Pinkie T’Boo. Adorning a sequin snazzy number and makeup to die for (cheers Ruby!) we hit the beach and arcades for a fun and at times, traffic stopping photo shoot. As…

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Published – We Scored The Terrorsaurs Album

So a little while ago the utterly awesome band The Terrorsaurs came to Khandie Photography. They had an idea…we had a plan. They wanted their new album cover shot. So after a little pondering and some planning, we shot the most sensational of all album covers for them. Pulling on 60s vibes, pinup girls and…

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Neon Lights – Night Portrait Photo Session in Felixstowe

Well I found myself at the seaside once again. This time at night taking photos. No I didnt use a tripod or flash. No I didnt use one. Why? Because I wanted to challenge myself and capture some night portrait photo session work to show how easy/challenging it can be. Armed only with my Nikon…

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Mandy and Heather – Beautiful Mother and Daughter Photo Shoot

Hold up! Check out these two beauties! For sure their beauty runs in the family given that they are mother and daughter. Mandy has been photographed by me before so it a compliment that she brought along her lovely daughter Heather this time for a Mother & Daughter photo shoot. You can book your own…

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Business & Bubbles – Launch Event

Ladies, if a Business & Bubbles networking event happens near you GET IN ON IT! Quite simply the most lovelies of networking events I have been too. I attended recently their launch party as both a speaker and photographer for the event. Before you think this is just another networking event, let me assure you…

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Northampton Town Festival 2017

Hello lovelies! What a lovely weekend! We spent Saturday in Cardiff so was unable to cover the Saturday of the Northampton Town Festival. However we were able to get there for the Sunday. Oh the woes of being an in demand photographer. So here below are the images from Sunday. They include the legendary Pat…

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Fashion Photo Shoot with Luna

Ok lets just hand it to Luna, this woman is over 40 and looks flawless! Au natural and perfect model. So much so you will be seeing more of her in forthcoming shoots. She is amazing. Fact. Our recent fashion photo shoot with her was amazing and the stuff of dreams. The sun was high…

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